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Anderson Bean Set Apart From The Rest

The majority of our boots are made with leather soles or hybrid soles that combine an all leather sole with an injected molded rubber pad at the ball of the foot to extend the longevity of the sole and maintain the flex of the boot. With these traditional types of soles we use lemon wood pegs to secure the Spring Steel Shank in place in the arch of the foot for support. This process is more than tradition, it is pure functionality, and our craftsmen have been using it for over 150 years. The pegs will actually expand and contract with the leather as it changes temperature and moisture content so that they do not fall out or rust like a nail. It’s little things like that, attention to detail, that have helped refine our product and make it what it is today. Today Anderson Bean continues to supply the US with custom made boots. We specialize in many different kinds of leather, from Amazon Bass fish to Zebra to Ostrich to well pretty much anything you can think of. If you can think of anything else you’d like to see in our boots, let us know!
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