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A Touch of Santa Fe

Created in the heart of the Native American art districts in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The initial idea was to cater to southwestern jewelry connoisseurs and art collectors. Little did they know the everyday American consumer was drawn to the modern look the jewelry held, along with its value and allure.

Founded in 1993, A Touch of Santa Fe multiplied to become one of the largest Native American crafted lapidary (Inlay) jewelry producers. Collectors of southwestern jewelry have recognized this business as a pillar of fine Native American jewelry for the past 24 years.

 Boasting as one of the only companies in the industry to offer a lifetime guarantee on its products. A Touch of Santa Fe carries a wide variety of men's and women's jewelry styles in an unlimited selection of color combinations.

Natural from the earth, Native From this land

Sterling silver remains a traditional and favorable tone by both younger and older consumers alike. Natural stones from all over the earth combined by their native American artists' talented fingertips.

The value of art and beauty

Attractive, vibrant, and classy. Just what you've been looking for. They offer the perfect style and color combination for every occasion. Wear a piece of art to represent history in its most beautiful fashion.

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