Where In The World Are You?

At Painted Cowgirl, we take immense pride in our global presence. This campaign highlights the fact that our Western-inspired products have found their way into the lives of customers across the United States and more than 34 countries worldwide. This international reach is a testament to the universal appeal and quality of our offerings. It also symbolizes the enduring connections we've forged with people from diverse cultures and regions, united by a shared love for Western culture and fashion.

Our campaign isn't just about where we are now; it's also a celebration of where we've come from. Starting as a small-town tack shop in a horse barn outside Greenwich, Ohio, Painted Cowgirl has embarked on an extraordinary journey. This journey is marked by unwavering dedication, tireless effort, and an unwavering passion for all things Western. Over time, we've nurtured a vibrant community of customers who share our enthusiasm and appreciation for Western heritage.

By proudly spotlighting our global reach and tracing our journey from humble Midwestern roots, the "Where in the World Are You?" campaign underscores the distinctive combination of local charm and allure that defines Painted Cowgirl Western Store.

We invite everyone from our community to friends to be a part of our story. Join us in celebrating the universal appeal of Western culture that brings us all together.

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At Painted Cowgirl, our trail is blazed with the stories of our cherished customers, who are the cornerstone of our growth. We invite you to share your experiences and join our online community. Submit your details below for a chance to be featured on our website and social media channels.

Every quarter, we honor our community spirit by randomly selecting a lucky individual to receive a FREE $150 gift card for a delightful shopping spree at Painted Cowgirl Western Store. Your story is our story, and we look forward to sharing it!

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