Dan Post Men's Denver Caiman Handmade Cowboy Certified Boots DP3965

Dan Post

$ 399.95 $ 469.95


These Classic Dan Post Cowboy Certified Flank Caiman Boots are 100% handcrafted. Put together from the finest exotic skin and leather to have the best walking experience. They are the choice for those who know and appreciate a nice pair of elegant and comfortable cowboy boots. Featuring a Removable Orthotic and Cushioned Footbed and a Cowboy Certified Outsole.

Caiman: Found in Central & South America, these small to medium reptiles are desired for their unique look. Boots using caiman leather are prized for their high fashion look and feel. Sometimes also referred to as ‘caiman gator’

Removable Polyurethane Orthotic: Absorbs impact thereby reducing fatigue for superior comfort. Moisture wicking cover to keep feet cool and dry.

Full-Grain Leather: Leather that is made from the first cut taken from the hair side of the hide from which nothing but the hair and associated epidermis has been removed. Scars, scratches or imperfections may be lightly buffed. The finest leather boots and shoes are made from full-grain leather.

Moisture Wicking Air Flow Vents: Features gel heel and ball shock absorbers with a moisture control sock lining.

Ultimate GEL-FLEX Insole: High impact gel cushions under the ball and heel of the foot reducing fatigue and step shock. Has moisture wicking air vents to keep feet cool and dry.

Fast Rebounding Antimicrobial: Treatment of the boot components that prevents odors and the growth of fungus. Agion is the only prevention system proven safe and effective enough to be called antimicrobial.

Cushioned Eva Layer: EVA (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate) are made of expanded EVA foam that provides good shock absorption.

Steel Shank: Protects and provides support for the arch.

Cowboy Certified TPU and Leather Outsole: TPU outsole designed for traction but ease in and out of the stirrup. Has a leather border for elegant finish.

Solid Brass Nails: Clinch boot securely to outsole.

High Abrasion Rubber Toplift: Used for heel durability.

  • Handcrafted 
  • Brown Oiled Caiman Foot 
  • 11" Leather Shaft 
  • Fully Leather Lined
  • Removable Orthotic Cushioned Footbed
  • Double Stitched Welt
  • Broad Square Toe
  • Certified Stockman Heel
  • Cowboy Certified TPU and Leather Outsole


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