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New Brand // Laura Ingalls Designs

"I have never done anything on a small scale." As the oldest of six children, Laura became accustomed to cooking "big" meals. She continued to repeat the "big" theme with any project that she has undertaken.

Making jewelry since she was a teenager – remember macramé way back when? Laura is a designer and dreamer of many mediums, from interiors to clothing to shoes to jewelry. She learned in life that it is essential to follow our passions. Life is so short, and that's how Laura Ingalls Designs started.

Butterflies are an inspiration for Laura because they represent transformation into creatures that are beautiful and colorful. That's how she views herself as a designer – continuing to transform and learn more techniques that will continue to include beautiful stones, color, texture, and patterns in her jewelry designs.

Keep dreaming – because dreams do come true if you are passionate, determined, and confident, you can make them happen.

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