How To Fit Or Size Boots

How should a new boot fit? Every day in our store we encounter people buying or attempting to buy the wrong size boot for their foot, often resulting in the early wear and breakdown of the liner or boot itself. One of the most common things that happens is, as a person goes to pull the boot on, they want to give up at the slightest resistance and go up in size. Why does one style of a size 8 go right on and the next style in an 8 is difficult to get on? Just like our feet, there are many different shapes and styles and profiles in boots. Some boots require a little effort to get in or out of them the first couple times but once your foot is in the boot it should fit well. A new boot should have a bit of a snug fit at first, with the ball of your foot lining up nicely to the ball of the boot sole, the arch hitting your foot in the right spot, and about an 1/8th of an inch of lift in your heel. Good quality leather relaxes and starts to give to the shape of your foot in a matter of hours!


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