Ultimate Hat Hanger UHH

Ultimate Hat Hanger

$ 22.95 

Ever come across a product that just makes sense… and actually works great? Well, The ULTIMATE Hat Hanger™, designed and patented by an Oklahoma City cowboy, is one of those “best-things-since-sliced-bread” items. You can’t imagine all the places you will find to safely hang your hat. (See pictures below.)

Look for the distinctive BrimSaver™ design and shape of this hat hanger. It protects the brim of the hat.

You and your customers will love this product. It solves most all of the frustrating “hat issues.”

No more hats on the back seat waiting to get crushed, or fall off into the floor.
No more hats on the dash, where they slide off at the first turn or red light.
No more hats on hotel room lamp shades where the heat from the bulb may alter your hat’s fit.
No more cumbersome hat boxes that eat up vehicle and storage space.

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